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When Rebranding Is the Only Way To Keep Growing with Aden McDonnell

June 21, 2022

When Rebranding Is the Only Way To Keep Growing with Aden McDonnell

Aden McDonnell joins us today to talk about how rebranding and becoming the CEO of his businesses transformed his life. 

Aden owns two companies, McDonnell’s ATS (Automatic transmission Specialists) and GOS Performance, and ran a third business, Destroked, a machine shop in Denver where he managed the sales and tech support. He rebranded and now operates his businesses under the umbrella of Greybeard Automotive. 

In this episode, Aden reveals what made him decide to rebrand without worrying about losing his clients or starting all over again. We discuss the importance for business owners to realize that just as they do, their brands, logos, and business can change and evolve with time. Aden talks about the book reading practice he turned into a habit in his company and the positive impacts of creating and maintaining the tradition of meeting with his team weekly to discuss the books they read.

We also talk about Aden’s transition from business owner to CEO; he shares his thoughts on how liberating it is to create responsible leaders and delegate and how he uses his freedom to focus on strategic parts of the business.   

Some questions I ask:

  • You recently had a transition in your business name. You’ve had a few different divisions of your business. So why don’t we explain a little bit about what those are and what you were doing? And then why did we have to come up with a name change? (2:43)
  • Can you talk about that book reading a little bit and explain that to our listeners? (12:55)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Aden talks about his three businesses and the services they provide (3:56)
  • Why we must overcome the fear of rebranding and changing our business’ name (6:39)
  • Later never happens. Why we must take care of things as they come up (11:19)
  • Aden talks about how he found time to work more ON his business and less IN it (16:08)
  • Aden shares advice for business and shop owners (24:48)


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