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Your ride to the entrepreneur’s evolution in the auto industry.

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Meet The  Auto Shop MAVEN 


Meet The Auto
Shop Maven

Hi, I'm Kim Hickey — empowering shop owners to rescue themselves and supercharge their success!

My 34 years of real-world experience — and many days when I wanted to pull my hair out — have positioned me as an industry expert, but not your typical expert.

I started the Maximum Octane podcast to share my unique expertise, and create an honest, fun, educational, and unconventional view of our industry and the people in it.

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Dr. Mark Hale | Facepay Founder

Kim is a natural leader by inspiring others. Kim is a rare find that takes the time to listen first and then offers some key piece of insight that I swear every time makes the conversation better. I always walk away with something learned. I like the fact she is so creative because every time I chat with her it reminds me to live life to the fullest. 

Kim should be on your fav list.

Debra Dinnocenzo

Kim offers important insights from her experience that will help you avoid problems, learn important techniques, and be more successful. Maximum Octane is your go-to podcast for mastering the keys to service leadership excellence!

Save yourself a carload of trouble! 

Safi Rae

Kim is an amazing ringleader. Love her energy and her focus on success and balance. Her approach is real and authentic! Highly recommend.

So good!