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The Forever WOW Experience Approach with Charlene Parlett

October 25, 2022

The Forever WOW Experience Approach with Charlene Parlett

When new customers visit a shop, the unwritten rule is to give them the best treatment possible, providing that potential new client with a WOW experience. If the experience is satisfying enough, the new customer will undoubtedly recommend that shop to friends and close ones. Still, what about the second, third, or fourth time that same customer visits the shop? 

In today’s episode, Charlene Parlett joins us to unravel precisely where most business and shop owners fail when creating memorable customer experiences. 

Charlene is an Executive, Leadership, Confidence, and Life Coach, passionate about helping business owners and their clients reach their dreams and accomplish their goals. Charlene is also a Certified Profit First Professional and an eternal student who loves to keep herself constantly learning. 

Throughout our conversation, Charlene shared a few examples of where most business owners drop the ball regarding client satisfaction and retention. We discuss the FWE (Forever WOW Experiences) approach and what should happen when customers visit our shop for the second time after a unique first experience. Charlene also shared her thoughts on providing internal customers with five-star experiences, some examples of businesses providing solid FWEs experiences, and so much more. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is the FWE, and why should most businesses incorporate and systemize it (8:27)
  • Why customers should enjoy the same experience every time they visit our store (10:13)
  • Where do most business and shop owners drop the ball (16:28)
  • Consistency is critical in customer service (24:03)
  • You can’t provide five-star treatment if you don’t know how it looks like (27:19)
  • How much is the extra cost of delivering WOW experiences? (32:54)


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