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Why You Should Never Be Too Busy For Marketing with Dave Martin

October 18, 2022

Why You Should Never Be Too Busy For Marketing with Dave Martin

The life of an auto repair shop owner is so fast-paced, so full of thousands of things to think about, that even if they try to squeeze in a couple of hours a week for marketing, they never can. 

Meet Dave Martin, second-generation owner of Martin’s AUTO REPAIR, a shop that has been in business for the last 51 years. After many years of thinking about investing more time and money in marketing and never finding a slot in his schedule to do it, he made a life-changing decision.  

In this episode, we explore why most shop owners decide to “leave marketing for when they have more time” and why marketing vibes are taboo (ish) in the industry. Dave shares his experiences marketing his business, how he solved the issue of never having time for it, and some of the most creative campaigns he ran at Martin’s AUTO REPAIR. 

We also talk about setting the expectations correctly before starting a marketing campaign, the importance of measuring ROIs, and so much more. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About Dave and his role in the community (4:41)
  • Why do most shop owners feel they don’t have time to market their businesses (8:47)
  • Consistency is everything in marketing (10:34)
  • How to create realistic expectations for your marketing strategies (16:31)
  • Thinking outside of the box and creating unique experiences for your customers (19:59)


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