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Learning About the Benefits of Salt Therapy with the Salty Sisters, Rosa Anderson, and Laura Ritch

May 3, 2022

Learning About the Benefits of Salt Therapy with the Salty Sisters, Rosa Anderson, and Laura Ritch

Laura Ritch and Rosa Anderson joined us today to talk about how they decided to open a soothing salt spa at the back of Integrity Auto Care. Laura is a US Army veteran, who met her husband Robert while stationed in Norfolk, VA; they got married in 1992, and then she transitioned from active duty to a military wife. Rosa is a former nurse who had to leave her profession due to health issues. Although her nursing career was abruptly interrupted, she kept helping others and enhancing their health using Halotherapy treatment. 

The “salty sisters” opened their business in 2019 after they had an experience in a salt room in North Carolina. Since then, they have grown their business exponentially and generated a long list of clients looking for relief from psoriasis, sinus, anxiety, autism, and depression, to name a few.  

In this episode, we delve into Rosa and Laura’s fascinating story of how Salt + Sol Halotherapy was born and when and where they decided to come forward with an idea they had during a trip. They kindly explained what a salt session is, the benefits of getting one, and some of the great experiences they had with the hundreds of clients they meet every week. 

Some questions I ask:

  • How did the two of you come up with the idea to put a salt cave in the shop? (5:36)
  • Both of you have had health issues. Can you share a bit about that? (13:13)
  • How often do you recommend that people take advantage of salt therapy? (15:42)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Laura and Rosa talk about the decision to open their business at the back of an Auto Care shop (7:51)
  • What is salt therapy, and what are its benefits (11:26)
  • Rosa and Laura share some fantastic stories of clients who experienced salt therapy and got terrific results (17:06)
  • Laura and Rosa talk about the unproductive habits they had to leave aside as the business started requiring more from them (22:38)


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