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How To Balance Work, Being A Spouse, and Mother of Small Kids with Ashley Lehr and Katie Plitt

May 10, 2022

How To Balance Work, Being A Spouse, and Mother of Small Kids with Ashley Lehr and Katie Plitt

Today, we are joined by two remarkable women, pillars of ATI, Katie Plitt and Ashley Lehr, to talk about how they deal with being a spouse, a mother, and the backbone of an organization with over 1700 members and more than 80 workers. 

Ashley, whose son Travis is almost 4, and Katie, mother of Caleb, who just turned one, talk about their daily routine, how they juggle the responsibilities of being busy moms, and how their kids see them. We delve into how they handle mom guilt, what they do to find time for themselves and their partners and their favorite plan to unplug themselves from work. 

We also discuss the importance of making a pause and taking time for ourselves as mothers, away from our kids, spouses, and any other responsibilities, and how they deal with the role of being “enforcers of law” at work and at home, being the ones that say no. 

Some questions I ask:

  • How do you juggle being a spouse, a mom, and the backbone of an organization? (2:43)
  • You set expectations and hold people accountable at work. And then at home, you’re sort of doing the same thing. What kind of toll does that take on you? (10:54)
  • How do you deal with the need to have ME time? (18:08)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About how our kids see us and how they feel about us working long hours every day (6:22)
  • How Ashley deals with being the “law enforcer” at work and at home (11:52)
  • What are the things Katie does to disconnect from work and have some time for herself (15:27)
  • How Ashley and Katie deal with mom guilt (18:26)

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