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Dealing with the One In the Mirror To Improve Our Relationships with C. Regi Rodgers

May 17, 2022

Dealing with the One In the Mirror To Improve Our Relationships with C. Regi Rodgers

In today’s episode, the #1 Relationships Coach, C. Regi Rodgers, visits us to discuss how we establish and build romantic and business-related relationships.

Former renowned Pastor C. Regi Rodgers has been featured in “I’m Just Saying” from TCT Network, “Heavenly Sent” from the Word Network, “Atlanta Live” from TV 57 in Atlanta, and other local cable and national radio programming. Regi leads people to understand their own destiny and their power to create their own reality. He is a gifted teacher, speaker, mentor, and author.

Throughout our conversation, Regi shared the five stages of dating to help us create long-lasting and healthy relationships. We talk about the difference between having chemistry or a connection with someone, why we must look for consistency when meeting someone new, and how we can do it following our intuition. We delve into the limiting beliefs our image-based society instills on us, the importance of constant evolution, and how to develop soft skills to improve our problem-solving abilities.

In addition, Regi revealed how to change the narrative of our thoughts to attract what we want and need in our lives and business and let the universe’s choreographic abilities work in our favor.

Some questions I ask:

  • There are many very busy people who don’t go out a lot. They rely on online dating. How do you relate chemistry or connection, those things that you speak about, to this? (5:42)
  • I see with my friends, they meet people, talk and exchange pictures, and the pictures don’t look anything like them. Why do you think people do that? (8:18)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About the first stage of dating, the Meet and Greet stage (3:44)
  • Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you are? (8:13)
  • The importance of being in constant evolution. Dating and marriage are a constantly evolving process (13:23)
  • We need to normalize having arguments and focus on our problem-solving skills (20:21)
  • We create, attract, and expand the world around us with our words (22:42)
  • Regi shares some advice for people without healthy coping mechanisms (38:25)


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