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Exploring the Medicinal Use of CBD, THC, and Cannabis Terpenes with Otha Smith III

July 11, 2023

Exploring the Medicinal Use of CBD, THC, and Cannabis Terpenes with Otha Smith III

Although opioids are pretty effective in mitigating chronic pain and post-surgery discomforts, they are also very addictive and, in most cases, generate more problems than they solve. One of the alternatives to opioids is terpenes and cannabinoids, which are highly effective, yet a large portion of the population still resists them.

In today’s episode, Otha Smith III joins the show to enlighten us about the medicinal use of CBD, THC, and cannabis terpenes. Otha is the Founder and CEO of Tetragram, a SaaS platform that connects Dispensaries, Cultivators, Brands, and Medical Professionals with cannabis and CBD consumers. Tetragram’s purpose is to become the “Yelp” of cannabis by empowering cannabis consumers by allowing them to track, rate, and share their personal experiences with the herb.

Throughout our conversation, Otha talks about the accident that got him under a nasty cocktail of various opioids prescribed by his doctor, pushing him to look for a healthier alternative to deal with pain and post-surgery discomforts. Otha also talks about his research on plant-based medicine, the explosion of CBD businesses, and the lessons learned in his entrepreneurial journey.

Additionally, we discuss the use of cannabinoids in the workspace, how dangerous it is for internal customers who deal with heavy machinery and stick their hands in running motors; Otha debunks myths about wake-and-bake, and so much more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is Tetragram? (2:20)
  • About Otha’s accident and his quest for alternatives to opioids (6:10)
  • Otha shares his findings in his plant-based medicine research (12:00)
  • Wake-and-bake explained (16:50)
  • How can the use of cannabinoids affect auto repair shops’ employees’ performance (19:00)
  • Otha shares lessons learned in entrepreneurship (26:10)


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