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Don’t Be Cheap! Pay Your Freedom Tax with Bruce Spencer

June 7, 2022

Don't Be Cheap! Pay Your Freedom Tax with Bruce Spencer

We are thrilled to have Bruce Spencer again on the show. This time, our conversation revolves around habits, creating space and time to rest, transparency, and freedom. 

After a long and successful trajectory in corporate America, Bruce decided to pivot and get into the automotive industry, buying Walt Eger’s Service Center in Maryland. 

In this episode, Bruce talks about the importance of building healthy habits and the negative impact of not resting properly or treating our bodies poorly. We talk about how, as business owners, we must bring our best energy every day, why creating honest and open communicating channels is key to our growth, and how to increase retention by simply respecting our internal customers. 

Bruce also talked about why we shouldn’t be cheap when paying our freedom tax and why he is entirely unapologetic when enjoying the benefits of his business. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of generating a daily WOW effect for our clients (3:06)
  • About the benefits of incorporating healthy and productive habits (5:13)
  • How to motivate internal customers through transparency and goal setting (10:41)
  • About Bruce’s “Don’t be cheap” model (14:12)


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