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Simplifying the Intricate Process of Building a Small Empire with Jason Meyer

July 26, 2022

Simplifying the Intricate Process of Building a Small Empire with Jason Meyer

We can learn a lot about leadership, empowering internal customers, and becoming the CEO of our business from our guest, Jason Meyer, who transformed a 7200-square-foot shop into a successful business with 30 locations. 

Jason is the Director of Corporate and Partnership Stores Tirecraft Ontario Inc. Although his father wanted him to become a CPA, Jason decided to follow his passion and went back home to work in the automotive repair and tires business. 

In this episode, we dive into Jason’s entrepreneurial business, his decision of “disobeying” the family mandate of going to school to ensure a future for himself, and the process of growing his business from 1 to 30 locations. He shares valuable insight on selecting the right people, empowering internal customers, and moving away from the “having all the answers” position to give freedom and demand accountability from his staff. 

Jason also talks about the importance of building a solid culture and honoring commitment, the harmful habits he got rid of, and how he manages to oversee 30 different locations while having a happy and fulfilling life. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Jason shares a bit about his background and how he decided to start a business in the automotive industry (2:54)
  • Jason talks about how important it was for him to be able to follow his passion (5:59)
  • Jason explains why we should always “staff our business for the busiest days” (9:25)
  • Jason talks about his mindset when hiring people and what kind of internal customer is the one we should hire (16:38)
  • Jason shares a story that perfectly depicts how to build trust and loyalty among internal customers (19:11)
  • Jason explains why he believes that it’s easier to manage 30 locations than 4 (21:48)


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