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Removing the Veil of Mystery Lying Over Crypto and Blockchain with Dr. Mark Hale

July 12, 2022

Removing the Veil of Mystery Lying Over Crypto and Blockchain with Dr. Mark Hale

We have an inspiring, educational, and as successful in business and entrepreneurship as humble to educate us about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and how to revolutionize our company, Dr. Mark Hale. 

Mark is the Founder of Facepay, a company that most likely will change the payments landscape forever. He has a P.h.D in Aerospace, created four startups, and advised dozens more. Mark is also passionate about new technologies, has an eye for discovering new tendencies, and loves flying. 

In this episode, Mark removes cryptocurrency and blockchain’s ghost mask, Scooby-Doo style, breaking it down into simple concepts and debunking the myths around them. He also explains why digital currency can prevent the expensive scams business owners deal with and why it can also eliminate the inconveniences of having the old banking system as an intermediary between businesses and customers. 

In addition, he shares some of the old, unproductive habits he removed from his routine and how breaking from traditional ways of doing things can change our business’ direction. 

Some questions I ask:

  • What do crypto and cars have in common? (6:21)
  • Can you tell us what cryptocurrency is and what blockchain is? (7:59)
  • Where do I begin if I want to be involved in crypto and take it into my business? (19:56)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • A bit about Mark and his background (3:01)
  • Mark explains what cryptocurrency and blockchain are (8:04)
  • Mark talks about why he sees digital currency as the evolution of the traditional banking system and how can businesses benefit from it (14:02)
  • Mark debunks the myths about cryptocurrency (18:13)
  • Mark explains how digital currencies can help shop owners stop suffering from scams (23:08)
  • Mark talks about the unproductive habits get got rid of (31:42)


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