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How To Make Your Clients Forget The World Is On Fire with Mary Kelly

September 13, 2022

How To Make Your Clients Forget The World Is On Fire with Mary Kelly

We are thrilled to welcome the inspiring Mary Kelly to the show for the second time. In this opportunity, she uses her superpower of boiling complex issues into simple ideas to discuss the concept of service and how we should think of it, taking into consideration the global, social, domestic, and economic issues that affect our customers’ lives. 

Mary is an accomplished writer and co-author of over 15 business, leadership, productivity, and personal finance books. She holds two P.h.Ds and two Master’s Degrees, served 21 years on active duty in the Navy (retired as a Commander) and is a Hall of Fame Economic Leadership Speaker. 

In this episode, we highlight the importance of solving the relational issues that might be affecting the quality of our customer service and how to avoid creating mere transactional relationships with them. Mary draws several practical ways of solving real problems that business owners face daily in their relationships with internal and external customers.

Mary also shares her thoughts on “the war for talent,” using the workplace to serve as our legacy and using the customer’s perspective when thinking of enhancing our customer service level. In addition, we discuss how challenging can be to assume the consequences of bad decisions as business owners, the importance of stepping up in that role regardless, and much more. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is going through a customer’s mind when they enter our business (7:08)
  • The importance of creating partnerships with our customers (11:21)
  • Why some business owners turned complacent and lazy in customer service and how to avoid it (16:28)
  • The massive difference a simple gift card can make (27:41)
  • Making sure our issues don’t turn into our customer’s issues (35:38)
  • About the courage needed to step up in the role of being our businesses’ CEOs (42:37)


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