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Don’t Wait Until the Palm Tree Falls Into Your Car! with Richard Sharman, Part 1

November 8, 2022

Don't Wait Until the Palm Tree Falls Into Your Car! with Richard Sharman, Part 1

Most shop owners and virtually anyone who gets insurance are reluctant to go through policies’ thousands of small print pages; they kind of “just trust.” 

In today’s episode, we are educated by Richard Sharman on all things insurance. Richard is an Executive Coach at ATI with over 40 years of experience in the auto collision industry and insurance claims professions. He explains what to look for in policies’ tiny print, how to spot the best collision shop and the importance of having a claim set. 

We also learn how to evaluate if we are either under or over-insured, about stackable and non-stackable deductibles, and the use of recycled parts in repairs. Plus, we go through many real-life examples of how insurance companies respond, the number of estimates we need to provide to insurance companies when an accident happens, and so much more. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Do you know if you are over or under-insured? (3:28)
  • Who’s to blame when a disadvantageous policy is sold to you? (5:47)
  • Why you should have a claim set (9:39)
  • What happens if a palm tree falls into your car (13:02)
  • Can they use recycled parts to repair your vehicle? (23:40)
  • A bit about policyholders’ duties (29:24)

Jimmy Lea | Product Evangelist at KUKUI

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Barney Fein

Take it to the Max with Kim, her peddle to the metal energy and insight will spark your business success!

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Amy Rookwood

Never would have thought a podcast by an auto repair shop would have such useful information for a life coach! Kim is open, unconventional and totally easy to listen to. Loved her background story and this non-auto-centered woman can’t wait to hear more!


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