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Create More Than A Great Environment In Your Auto Repair Shop with Bianca Gosser

May 16, 2023

Create More Than A Great Environment In Your Auto Repair Shop with Bianca Gosser

People will have dozens of great experiences every day, yet guess which ones will stick and spin in their heads until they go to sleep? Extra points if you replied: the bad ones. If anything, you don’t want your auto repair shop to be the one that provides that unforgettable subpar experience.

In this episode, I’m excited to talk with Bianca Gosser, Senior Manager of Brand Partnership at Atmosphere, an Austin-based streaming service specializing in out-of-home TV. At Atmosphere, they believe what’s being broadcasted on a business TV is as essential as the internal customers’ attention to detail and politeness.

Throughout our conversation, we discuss all the aspects involved in creating WOW experiences, from the music being played to what’s on our TV screens to how familiar internal customers are with our systems and the tech available. Bianca also highlights the importance of investing in training for shop owners and internal customers, keeping ourselves informed and updated about what’s happening in the world, and embracing new technologies.

Additionally, Bianca shares her thoughts on how new techs will impact the automotive industry, explains what’s Atmosphere about, and so much more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Avoid overbooking when you are understaffed (4:40)
  • How can we prepare our auto repair shop to embrace new technologies (7:30)
  • Don’t play the Titanic song on the spa of a cruise ( 8:50)
  • How to make your customers feel at home (11:20)
  • Use new technologies to offer WOW experiences (13:10)
  • Investing in internal customers’ training is always a good idea (19:40)
  • A bit about Atmosphere and how it can help your auto repair shop create great experiences (24:00)


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