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What Makes A Perfect Auto Repair 2nd In Command with Andrew & Rachel White and Will Ogles

May 30, 2023

What Makes A Perfect Auto Repair 2nd In Command with Andrew & Rachel White and Will Ogles

For some auto repair shop owners, finding the right second in command is easy; the challenging part is giving them the freedom they need to do their job.

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Andrew and Rachel White, Owners of A&R Complete Auto Care, and Will Olges, A&R’s General Manager, to talk about barbecues, culture, delegating, and healthily transitioning from shop owner to CEO. Andrew and Rachel started A&R in 2009, and since 2015, they have created the A&R Q, their competitive BBQ Team, which has already won 2nd place in the BBQ Cookoff of Pork in the Obion County Fair.

We had a fantastic conversation about Andrew and Rachel’s transition from show owners to CEO, how they migrated their offices to their homes, and how they dealt with “not being on the field.” Will also shared his side of the story and how he created a space for himself.

Additionally, we chat about the barbecues that started as part of A&R culture and turned into a competitive team, how to attract and train the right internal customers, why it seems so hard to find technicians and much more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The barbecue circuit is serious business (2:30)
  • How hard is it for Will to fill two people’s roles as the second in command (11:00)
  • The three guiding principles that mold A&R Complete Auto Care’s culture (15:10)
  • How hard it was for Andrew and Rachel to learn how to delegate (16:50)
  • Andrew, Rachel, and Will talk about their desire to replicate their model and open a new store (25:00)


Jimmy Lea | Product Evangelist at KUKUI

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