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How To Offer Jobs Aligned with the New Generation’s Values with Jay Goninen

March 15, 2022

How To Offer Jobs Aligned with the New Generation's Values with Jay Goninen

We already know that many variables are working against shop owners in the battle of getting qualified internal customers and retaining them.

The first step to solving this problem, just as with every issue, is focusing on what we control. To our guest, Jay Goninen, that would be asking ourselves if the job we offer, the working conditions, and the environment at our company is attractive, and if they aren’t, work on what we need to work to fix that. 

Jay Goninen, a fellow podcaster, co-founder, and president of WrenchWay. Jay started working in the automotive industry at 9 in his father’s shop. He then became a technician and eventually evolved into management roles. Having been in the industry his entire life, Jay quickly identified the next massive issue the automotive sector will have to deal with: the growing technician shortage.

In this episode, we talk about the staff shortage the automotive industry faces in general, particularly the technician shortage. Jay talks about his work at WrenchWay, his vast experience in the industry, and why he decided to start a business focused on connecting qualified technicians with the shops that need them. We also talk about the importance of show owners sticking to their original plan and vision even when their shops are fully staffed to avoid hiring in panic. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About why Jay decided to start WrenchWay (4:05)
  • Jay talks about how we can attract and retain internal customers (7:23)
  • The incredible amount of new variants to the equation that promotes internal customers’ massive work rotation (13:52)
  • We must be sure we are offering a competitive option (16:40)
  • About the things we should remove from our ads offering job positions (21:46)
  • The power of communication and setting clear expectations for what can we offer as a company (29:11)


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