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Getting Ready To Face The Whatifs of Life with Donna Hazeltine

February 14, 2023

Getting Ready To Face The Whatifs of Life with Donna Hazeltine

No one likes to think of accidents or the possibility of getting hurt or incapacitated, yet accidents and fortuitous events happen. We can’t prevent them just by ignoring them. If any of those things occur, how ready are you, your spouse, or your business partner to deal with them?

In today’s episode, I’m really excited to welcome Donna Hazeltine, the co-owner of American Import Auto in Venice, Florida, a beautiful mind and a great friend. We discuss the importance of having things in place just in case an unfortunate event knocks at our doors.

Donna talks about her aha moment, the day she realized she didn’t have an answer to the question: what if something happens to Jeff, her husband, and co-owner of American Import Auto. We discuss why most people resist getting life insurance or contacting a lawyer to put a will in place.

We also touch on life and disability insurance, why they are so important, how to put a what-if plan in place, her work at Hope For Justice, and so much more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About Donna’s aha moment (5:44)
  • Putting things in place so our company can last forever (10:13)
  • Why it is essential to revisit will and life insurance quite often (12:16)
  • Having a will or life insurance is an investment in yourself and your family (15:23)
  • About Donna’s what-if plan (19:13)
  • Why having disability insurance is a good idea (22:49)
  • About Hope For Justice and how they help human trafficking victims (29:15)


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