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Getting Into the IRONMAN Mindset To Run Our Business with Adam Kushner

March 1, 2022

Getting Into the IRONMAN Mindset To Run Our Business with Adam Kushner

To succeed in the entrepreneurial journey, we need more than determination, consistency, commitment, and grind; it is also crucial to put a plan in place, surround ourselves with experienced experts, and get guidance. 

Our guest, Adam Kushner, found a great way to reverse engineer the entrepreneurial process, inspired by his experiences in endurance sports. He suggests we start by identifying and acknowledging our weaknesses and turning them into strengths. Accepting what we aren’t good at and getting help in the areas we need help to improve makes the path toward the goal clearer and more achievable.  

Adam Kushner is the Owner of Business Actualization, a company that helps Auto Repair shops increase their digital presence and get more new clients through custom digital marketing strategies. Adam is also an endurance sports enthusiast, who participated in several IRONMAN competitions, and 50 miles running races, qualified a couple of times for National championships and won several regional events. 

We had a fantastic conversation about the resemblance between endurance sports competitions and entrepreneurship. We delve into the importance of coaching and expert guidance to accomplish goals, how crucial it is to identify and accept our weaknesses and get help to improve on them, and how we can benefit from being surrounded by the right people. We also talk about the actual automotive industry’s scenario, where coaching companies or mastermind groups are easy to find, as opposed to how it was 20 years ago, an extremely competitive space reigned by individualism.

Some questions I ask:

  • You competed in a pretty darn big competition. Could you talk a bit about that? (6:08)
  • Let alone to get in the mindset of this is, how did you start preparing for this for the long haul? (8:17)
  • Whether in business or our personal life, a coach gets you to set your sights on what’s possible and what you can do. Can you talk about that a little bit? (12:24)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Adam talks about his passage through the culinary industry (2:27)
  • The parallelism between entrepreneurship and endurance sports (9:49)
  • The drive and self-discipline needed to compete in endurance sports, and how it can be translated into business (12:05)
  • The importance of leaving the ego aside and accepting our weaknesses (16:48)
  • Adam’s most significant takeaways from participating in highly demanding competitions (24:06)


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