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Building Systems To Gain Freedom and Get Better Results with Wendy K. Walters

April 12, 2022

Building Systems To Gain Freedom and Get Better Results with Wendy K. Walters

For many entrepreneurs, putting a system together seems too complicated, a ton of effort, and a series of time-consuming routines when, actually, systems are natural freedom producers. To explain the multiple benefits of having sustainable, reliable, and replicable systems in our business is the amazing Wendy K. Walters with us. 

Wendy is a Motivational Speaker, Dream Builder, Author, Ghost Writer, and Master Coach. Wendy is also an editor and publisher expert; she has helped over 150 first-time authors publish their first books, many of them becoming serial authors. 

In this episode, we delve into the benefits of systems creation and how they can save us tons of time and make our companies more effective and reliable. We talk about the benefits of writing about our expertise; or, in her words: “nothing helps us define who we are as wrapping language around our expertise and communicating it to others.”

Wendy also shares her thoughts on the best way to create an identity for our business, the advantages of consistent 1% improvements, and more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Wendy explains the benefits of writing and publishing as a means to empower our brand and authority (4:03)
  • The best ways to create effective, reliable, and replicable systems (7:31)
  • Why it is crucial to define how we want to be recognized as a company, who we want to be, what do we stand for as a company (10:32)
  • Why most entrepreneurs are so resistant to creating systems (15:58)
  • The importance and potential of 1% improvements (20:23)


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