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Learning To Design Our Business with The Automotive Rockstar Frank Leutz

March 29, 2022

Learning To Design Our Business with The Automotive Rockstar Frank Leutz

One of the toughest lessons our guest, Frank Leutz, learned from his first experiences as a business owner is to have a clear idea of what kind of business we want to build. He overworked himself to exhaustion, spending over 20 hours every day at a packed garage that looked more like a car dealership than a repair shop. During that time, Frank lost the first five years of his daughter, and on top of it, he wasn’t making a substantial amount of money that would, at least, try and justify such a sacrifice. 

Frank Leutz is an Automotive Expert. He is a Talent at Wrench Nation TV, where he hosts his own podcast. Frank is also the Marketing Director at Desert Car Care of Chandler, Phoenix Chapter President of the Automotive Service Association, an Author, and Speaker. 

In this episode, we dive into Frank’s origins as a musician, including his experiences playing at the Carnegie Hall and his participation in the Operation End Sweep with the US Navy, consisting of removing naval mines from Haiphong harbor and other coastal inland waterways in North Vietnam. 

Frank shares several golden nuggets from his own experiences as a business owner and his perspective after spending over 25 years in the automotive repair industry. We talk about the importance of planning, guidance, and coaching to run a successful shop, how empowering and liberating it is to learn how to delegate in our business, and how crucial it is to learn how to price our services according to where we want to be in the industry. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How it was growing up in NY and how it helped Frank mold his character and determination (3:47)
  • Frank talks about his first steps and experiences as a musician (5:38)
  • The “M-E” in time is essential. Frank talks about time management (10:19)
  • About Frank’s tough first years in business, overworking himself and forgetting to have a life (13:45)
  • How can we design our shop to support our internal customers and provide an excellent service to our clients (25:01)


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