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How To Make Workers’ Comp Work Both Ways with Paige Hazeltine

May 2, 2023

How To Make Workers' Comp Work Both Ways with Paige Hazeltine

Workers’ comp is a delicate matter for most auto repair shop owners, a thorny issue they wish they didn’t have to deal with. Truth of the matter is, as long as internal customers and employers contemplate the law before taking any action, they’ll be just fine.

In this episode, I’m joined by Paige Hazeltine, Esq, Head of Florida Workers Compensation Department at the Law Firm of Alex Dell. The pragmatic, determined, innovative, resourceful, well-dressed, dog person and outspoken professional took a minute out of her work at the law firm to educate us on workers’ compensation.

Throughout our conversation, Paige takes the mystery out of workers’ compensation, describes the most common mistakes auto repair shop owners and internal customers make when someone gets hurt at work, and turns workers’ comp claims’ complicated logistics into really easy-to-follow guides.

In addition, you’ll hear about why the truth is always the shortcut to simple solutions, what happens when a worker gets hurt doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing, how workers’ comp work for home office workers, and more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Workers’ comp it’s an animal in and of itself (2:08)
  • How does the 30-day window to inform an injury work (5:11)
  • What happens when a not-reported minor scratch develops into something serious (10:12)
  • Workers’ comp for workers out of the books (19:01)
  • Anything it’s said to doctors in workers’ comp is fair game (23:04)
  • It doesn’t matter how it happened; an injury in the workplace is an injury (27:53)
  • Workers’ comp for home office workers. The dog story (29:22)


Jimmy Lea | Product Evangelist at KUKUI

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