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Breaking Things Down Into Little Pieces and Living More Intentionally with Wendy Hawks

May 24, 2022

Breaking Things Down Into Little Pieces and Living More Intentionally with Wendy Hawks

After attending ATI’s last conference in March, our guest, Wendy Hawk, decided to do something different with the information she gathered throughout the event.

In previous years, the notes, the brilliant ideas, and the revolutionary methods compiled in a notebook would lie on a shelf, slowly drowning in oblivion.

This time, Wendy decided to act, organize the notes, and use them to help her manage her business and personal life, make sure to reach her goals, finish projects on time, become a better leader, and be a more patient and emphatic person.

Wendy Hawk, General Manager of Riverside Auto Center, shared how organizing and planning her days was a life-changing decision. She described how she changed the dynamics of her business by committing to change every day a bit and highlighted the importance of treating ourselves with compassion when we fail.

We also discuss how essential it is to check in regularly with those to who we delegate work, setting one-on-one meetings, and how breaking things into small pieces can be the solution to many of our problems.

Some questions I ask:

  • This year’s ATI Conference helped encourage you to make some changes and get some things you needed to work on. Could you talk about that? (2:13)
  • What do you think was the difference this time? What made you make that shift? (4:39)
  • How has “leaving things for tomorrow” helped you stay positive and keep things going? (9:55)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About what made Wendy approach things differently this time (4:46)
  • Why do we tend to beat ourselves when we fail to finish what we have planned to do, and how can we be less harsh with ourselves (9:51)
  • Some non-negotiables that help Wendy remain sharp and responsive (13:59)
  • How to use Wendy’s method to live a more intentional life (17:47)


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